A super fun plane that can do more than what you expect from a low wing trainer type.

Can be used as a towing plane!


Model:Sport 88
Wingspan:88″ (2,200mm)
Length:63.8″ (1,600mm)
Wing area:1224 “² (7,900 cm²)
Engine:20 - 35cc
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  • Self-correcting wing with thick semi-symmetrical airfoil
  • Strong landing gear mounting. Very durable!
  • Covered with Oracover(Ultracote) from Germany
  • Two piece plug-in wing. Transporting will be much easier.
  • Optional flaps, just a few minutes to split the aileron.
  • Tail-dragger design!
  • Designed for glider towing. Just take a few minutes to install the optional towing release system.
  • Strong carbon fibre landing gear
  • Design for both Electric motor and 20~35cc gas engines
  • All necessary hardware included
  • Plastic spinner included

Suggested Hardware:

Color schemes:

Colour scheme S88-01

Colour scheme S88-02