Cerebus RC - XR-61 ARF
Get ready for a new experience at the flying field: feel connected. If you love our Katana MX, or the XR-52 - you really need to fly this one - the XR-61 takes the best of both. It is the largest plane currently available in the PA line and is the most accurate in the PA range.

The sophisticated aerodynamic design, straight and true factory-build (incidence pre-set) and incredibly powerful set up allowing this plane to perform just like you hope for. Be it precision flying or slow 3D - you got it!

Don't be intimidated by the size or capabilities of this bird - the unique design makes it that it can be flown just like an accurate sport plane - relaxing to fly and easy to land. Switch to high rates and adjust your CG for entirely different flying characteristics.

To quote PA lead test pilot, Daniel Dominguez - "On low rates I couldn't believe how precise this plane feels, it gives a similar feeling as the big F3A pattern ships, or a big 100cc IMAC airplane, and when you switch to high rates, you get the crazy high energy 3D flying of a smaller plane, yet this one has the stability of a big plane. There isn't one maneuver that didn’t make me WOW, knife edge has 0 coupling, harriers and elevators are so easy that it feels like this plane has a gyro, it feels completely locked in and gives that connected feeling that really makes me love this airplane. ”
Wingspan:1550mm (61")
Wing Area:807 sq in
Fuselage length:1447mm (57")
AUW incl LIPO & spinner
Available in:Red
Drive System
Motor:Thrust 50
ESC:Quantum 70A Pro
Lipo:Two PA V3 2200mA 11.1V 20-40C
Propeller:VOX 15x8/16x6
Prop Adapter:5mm collet type
Servos:Four HS-5245MG
Spinner:2.17" C/F spinner
CF:Vortex Generators
CF:Servo arms - for best
linkage geometry

Available components
Thrust 50 motorR1460
70A ESCR1650
Prop AdapterR110
PA 3S 2200mA LipoR480
2.17" CF SpinnerR450
CF Servo arm ext.R180
CF Vortex GeneratorsR300
VOX 15x8 wood propR270
VOX 16x6 wood propR320