Precision Aerobatics - VOX propellers, Prop adaptors, Lipos & Spinners

VOX propellers

Vox propellers have been designed and manufactured with one objective in mind - to maximize performance at the prop end, with the highest possible efficiency.
With over 30 years in manufacturing of Ultralight aircraft and UAV propellers we are confident that our R/C model propellers will satisfy your requirements.
VOX 12x4R210
VOX 12x6R210
VOX 13x6.5R240
VOX 14x7R270
VOX 15x7R270
VOX T40-XR270

Prop adaptors

It may seem like a minor component installed in your high performance aircraft. However we find it extremely important since the prop adapter affects the final thrust and performance of your motor. Most prop adapters on the market are off center creating excessive variations which lead to glue joint in motor-box to come loose. In high end RPM they cause the motor excessive heat thus reduce efficiently and power.
3mm Thrust 10R98
4mm Thrust 20R110
5mm Thrust 30/40R110
5mm Thrust 50R110

2200mA 11.1V LiPo

The V2 Chemistry - The Difference
The new and improved V2 packs leverage on the proven V1 chemistry to provide superior performance consistency throughout the flight, reliability and trouble free long service life in a compact and lightweight format.
Dimensions LxWxH102.8mm x 34.7mm x 22.8mm
Max continuous discharge rate44A
Max burst rate (10sec)88A
Max charge rate4.4A (2C)
Balancer plugJST
Price: R480

CF Spinners

1.5" CF spinner
Extra 260, Addiction, Katana MD
Price: R400
1.8" CF spinner
Ultimate AMR, Extra MX, Addiction X
Price: R420
2.17" CF spinner
Price: R450