Cerebus RC - Katana MX
Precision Aerobatics is proud to present the second release in the NEXT Generation PA planes. It started with the Bandit, and now comes the Katana MX. The NEXT Generation PA planes allow you to do a lot more than you would expect.

Back in the days, you had to choose: do you want an aggressive-flying plane (but be careful to fly it low and slow!) or a slow 3D flyer? Or perhaps you are after a precision flyer? Now, in this NEXT Generation – you can get it all in the one plane! The Katana MX is THE airplane of your dreams! IT WILL DO IT ALL - From precision to high energy to graceful slow and low 3d.. Find it hard to believe? You just gotta fly it.

Being a NEXT Generation PA plane means the KMX sustains more energy when flown and by so keeping higher flight speeds which is vital when performing consecutive aerobatics or freestyle maneuvers and allowing sharp and quick turns, resulting in most impressive and breathtaking transitions. Yet, it can, JUST AS WELL, be flown like a big foamy when slow 3D and high AOA maneuvers are executed.

Being built using finest grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and CNC machines and utilizing the very latest FiberFusion® building techniques(*), the KMX is incredibly lightweight and rigid. Due to the huge control surfaces, featherlike lightweight and the incredibly low wing loading, the KMX is a floater and will respond immediately to your stick inputs. It has so much power that it’s easy to get out of trouble - which is crucial when flying slow 3D. This is the reason we specifically designed this model with a very high thrust to weight ratio. You can easily execute hands off Harriers and elevators with just a few clicks of throttle thus making harrier landings super easy even in slight wind. The ability to execute harrier landings makes it ideal for flying in flying fields with exceptionally small landing strips (that would normally be out of the question for another contemporary model of this size).
Wingspan:1448mm (57")
Wing Area:749 sq in
Fuselage length:1431mm (56.34")
Drive System
Motor:Thrust 50
ESC:Quantum 70A Pro
Lipo:2200mA 11.1V 20-40C
Propeller:VOX 15x8
Prop Adapter:5mm collet type
Servos:Hitec HS-5085
Spinner:2.17" C/F spinner
CF:Pre-cut wheel pants
CF:Vortex generators
CF:Servo arms - for best
linkage geometry

Available components
Thrust 50 motorR1460
70A ESCR1650
Prop AdapterR110
PA 3S 2200mA LipoR480
2.17" CF SpinnerR450
CF Servo arm ext.R180
2m thin gauge twisted ext cableTBD
VOX 15x8 wood propR270