Cerebus RC - Katana52 ARF
We are proud to present a whole new flying experience to you, based on our most recognized PA aircraft, the legendary Katana.

The Katana 52 is simply a work of art. The intricate design was carefully developed over several years to reach the highest standard in aircraft design and performance, together with a new and efficient iPAs power setup, and two striking color schemes designed by Malcolm Stiles, our very own scheme designer.

The Katana was designed by Shaun Vanunu, the man who delivered the most amazing electric-powered model aircraft available on the market today. Shaun is Precision Aerobatics' chief engineer and co-owner. The man behind PA's unique construction technique called FiberFusion®, which was first implemented in 2006.

FiberFusion® is a sophisticated engineering and construction method, developed and enhanced over the past ten years by Shaun and his team. FiberFusion® uses 100% real carbon fiber, along with competition grade balsa/ply, utilizing carbon fiber where it really matters. Each variance of fiber used in the plane is carefully selected and utilized in a unique way, resulting in a much lighter - yet stronger and more rigid aircraft, that will fly like nothing else!
Wingspan:1320mm (52")
Wing Area:575.6 sq in
Fuselage length:1300mm (51.17")
AUW incl 4S LIPO & spinner
Available in:Red
Drive System
Motor:Thrust 45
ESC:Quantum 45A Pro
Lipo:PA V3 2200mA 14.8V 30-60C
Propeller:VOX 13x6.5/13x5
Prop Adapter:5mm collet type
Spinner:2.17" C/F spinner
CF:Vortex Generators
CF:Servo arms - for best
linkage geometry

Available components
Thrust 45 motorR1350
45A ESCR1110
Prop AdapterR110
PA 4S 2200mA LipoR620
2.17" CF SpinnerR450
CF Servo arm ext.R180
VOX 13x5 wood propR240
VOX 13x6.5 wood propR240