Cerebus RC - Electric Shock
The Electric Shock is a real ARF and can be built in a couple of hours. The hinges are pre-installed and we even sealed the hinges gap for you! The wings are attached with two bolts and nuts and the fin is already pre-installed. The only assembly stage left for you is to glue the stab in place and attach the rudder. Install your motor and radio gear and you are all set.

We have put a lot of time into the design and testing of the Electric Shock. Special attention was given to the proper geometry of the linkages, so no adjustments are required.

In order to achieve the best performance we have tested every possible CG for this plane. We have worked out the most suitable gear, per our specs, and CG requirement, and we offer you a few combo packages that would save you having to experiment and assuring you get the most out of the aircraft.

The Electric Shock is a joy to fly. It allows you to significantly improve your 3D skills without risking your larger and more-expensive models.

This plane performs the most gorgeous flat and upright spins that you have ever experienced! Hovering and stall turns are super easy and the nasty rudder and fuselage allows easy Knife Edge loops. High Alfa harriers, upright and inverted, are extremely stable and easy to perform. In fact we had some fun-flights in which we flattened the battery pack on LLOOOONGG harriers.. Spectacular thumbing manoeuvers from all kinds, super fast axle-rolls, and beautiful rolling circles – this model is excellent for practice this complicated manoeuver…
Wingspan:780mm (30.7")
Wing Area:326 sq in
Fuselage length:820mm (32.3")
(Ready to Fly)
Available in:Red
Drive System
Motor:Thrust 10
ESC:Quantum 18A Pro
Lipo:1000mA 11.1V 15-20C
Propeller:APC 10x3.8SF
Prop Adapter:4mm collet type
Servos:Voltec VTS-60BB 1.2kg
CF:Servo arms - for best
linkage geometry

Available components
Thrust 10 motorR760
18A ESCR660
Prop AdapterR98
CF Servo arm ext.R120
Voltec VTS-60BB servoR157