Cerebus RC - Extra 260

Updated colour schemes!!!

Our Slogan for the new PA Extra 260 is “Breaking All the Rules” – which is literally what we achieved in the design of this model.

We approached the new design with our customers’ “wish-list” in mind and with FiberFusion® construction technology under our belt. The result is an amazing aircraft designed for unlimited aerobatic performance with a level of precision demanded by today’s Freestyle Competitions.

While the Extra is larger than the PA Katana MD and features fully air-foiled tail section it is actually LIGHTER than the Katana MD! This means the new 260 is now the lightest model in its size category, yet it is one of the robust models available on the market today.

Designed with a technical challenge of having both precision and extreme agility in mind, the PA Extra 260 will perform the most demanding aerobatics maneuver with the finesse of precision to boot, providing unparalleled predictability that will take your aerobatic performance to another level.

The 260 excels in all tumbling maneuvers. Violent walls, violent snaps, spins (representative of full-scale aircraft) are just some of the high-speed, high-energy maneuvers the Extra 260 is capable of performing. On the post-stall extreme freestyle end, the Extra 260 is fully capable of executing one of the best, well balanced rolling harriers (extremely slow and persistent), slow stable harriers (both upright and inverted) with absolutely no wing rock. Extremely stable elevators (allowing long elevators all the way down to a spot landing), tight and stable harrier turns. Transitions into high Alpha are extremely smooth and stable. The 260 also Knife Edges with the accuracy to perform KE circuits adds a further dimension of precision to the overall flight performance. In a nutshell this is the Extra with THE ALL THE EXTRAS thrown in!
Wingspan:1219mm (48")
Wing Area:490 sq in
Fuselage length:1094mm (43")
(This if all up weight)
Available in:Yellow
Drive System
Motor:Thrust 30
ESC:Quantum 45A Pro
Lipo:2200mA 11.1V 20-40C
Propeller:VOX 13x6.5
Freestyle/3DVOX 13x5
Prop Adapter:5mm collet type
Spinner:1.5" C/F spinner
CF:Pre-cut wheel pants
CF:Vortex generators
CF:Servo arms - for best
linkage geometry

Available components
Thrust 30 motorR1150
45A ESCR1110
Prop AdapterR110
PA 3S 2200mA LipoR480
1.5" CF SpinnerR400
CF Vortex GeneratorsR127
CF Servo arm ext.R165
VOX 13x6.5 wood propR240
VOX 13x5 wood propR240