Cerebus RC - Addiction-X ARF
When the Addiction was released a few years back it was all about inspiring pilots of all skill levels to perform 3D like the pros. The Addiction has quickly become a true all time favorite and converted many sport flyers to 3D addicts. While the ground is STILL the limit, we have grown the Addiction-X to match your growth in hardcore 3D skills. So if you crave for a bigger dose of the rush to go even further - the 50” Addiction-X was made for you! But don’t be mistaken – you don’t need to graduate from the Addiction in order to fly the Addiction-X. The Addiction-X can most certainly be your first 3D model.

As with any release from Precision Aerobatics, this model is not just a larger version of the original 40” Addiction but rather a new and exciting aerodynamic design. We have spent well over a year in the design and testing of this model enhancing the Addiction’s design features and taking advantage of the granted stability that comes with the larger size airframe. The result is a featherweight model that is incredibly stable, easy to fly and is capable of performing precision 3D maneuvers even in windy conditions.

The combination of its extreme lightweight (low wing loading) and state-of-the-art aerodynamic design makes the Addiction-X fly slower than a turtle walking through peanut butter! This gives the flyer ample time to think and act. Due to the huge control surfaces, the Addiction-X will respond immediately to your stick inputs, which is crucial when flying slow 3D. These factors make it perfect for learning 3D.

Ever dreamed of hovering in your first flight? – Now the dream can become a reality! Not only that - you’ll be able to choose your spot and hover above it! Torque roll, reverse torque rolls and tightest waterfalls will all come naturally and it will land at less than walking pace!
Similar to the original Addiction, the Addiction-X harriers exceptionally well in both upright and inverted positions and is perfect to learn harrier figure eights and spot landings. Flat spins are exceptionally flat using only the rudder, meaning you can easily perform spins at any height.
The Addiction X is capable of doing the most amazing high alpha (AOA) knife edge, and tightest knife edge loops you have ever seen in an airplane this size. The overall aerodynamic design and incredible rudder authority means zero coupling in KE so you could fly Knife Edge all day long just holding the rudder stick. You can change KE direction and even do knife edge waterfalls, all with ease.
Wingspan:1270mm (50")
Wing Area:744 sq in
Fuselage length:1331mm (52.4")
(All up weight)
Available in:Red
Drive System
Motor:Thrust 40
ESC:Quantum 45A Pro
Lipo:2200mA 11.1V 20-40C
Propeller:VOX T-40X
Prop Adapter:5mm collet type
Servos:Hitec HS 82MG
Spinner:1.8" C/F spinner
CF:Vortex Generators
CF:Servo arms - for best
linkage geometry

Available components
Thrust 40 motorR1200
45A ESCR1110
Prop AdapterR110
PA 3S 2200mA LipoR480
1.8" CF SpinnerR420
CF Servo arm ext.R180
CF Vortex GeneratorsR300
2m thin gauge twisted ext cableTBD
VOX 13x6.5 wood propR240
VOX T-40X wood propR270