Want an easy to build, fun to fly, practice model that you can fly anywhere? Pilot-RC has you covered!

Presenting our first 3D foamy, made from crash resistant printed EPP foam which provides great visibility and strength when joined with the included carbon fibre reinforcements.

Regardless of your aerobatic ability, the smooth and precise flying characteristics of this model make it suitable for anyone, but turn up the rates and you have an insanely capable 3D model where the pilot is the only limit!


Model:Pilot-RC Foamy
Wingspan:33 (84mm)
Length:35 (8860mm)
Weight without electronics:104g
Flying weight::210g - 280g
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  • Carbon reinforced EPP foam, offering rigidity and crash resistance
  • Designed for a combination of precision aerobatics and extreme 3D flying
  • Can use standard Cyano (Superglue)
  • All accessories included, just add your own electronics
  • Two color schemes to choose from

Included Hardware:

  • Complete air frame in pre-printed high visibility color scheme
  • Carbon rods to give the airframe structure and strength
  • Pushrods, control horns, wheels and other small accessories
  • Includes model plus motor, speed controller, prop and servos

Required Hardware:

Motor: 2207-1680kv

Servos: x3 8g servos (recommended 1.5kg torque)

Battery: 3S 450-550mAh

Color schemes:

Build information available here