Cerebus RC - EQ10 PowerExpander
Full details coming soon ...
PowerExpander Eq10
Target size:100cc - 150cc
Battery:Lipo and Life
Battery inputs are protected against faults, lost cell and shorts.
Voltage:Unregulated, upto 8.5V
Servo Matching:10 channels
17.5A cont., 35A peak
Ignition Cutoff:Included

The PowerExpander Eq10 can be used with any size aircraft. It has “Smart-Sense inputs which will isolate a bad battery pack It supports an optional failsafe switch which enables or disables both batteries. It can be used with 2-cell lithium packs if your servos can take the voltage. It has a dedicated 5.0V, 1 amp regulator for the receiver. The PowerExpander Eq10 has servo matching on all ten channels. This unit makes economical sense if you were considering a PowerExpander Sport or Pro and needed more than 2 Equalizer IIs for servo matching.
Failsafe switch

Turn your plane on and off electronically. Should the switch fail the power to the servos will stay on!
Receiver Mount (L-Shape)

Move your receiver into a more optimal position with this nifty device.
Optical Ignition Cutoff

A must for any petrol engine. Turn you engine off safely with the flick of a switch on your radio.